Rats tail

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Calling a colour ‘rat grey’ must translate better in Japanese. However, it is the name of the best colour for a great new motorcycle helmet by Shoei. This J.O helmet has just taken on commute duties after the old Momo was getting, well, old. We have to say, this is one darn comfy skid lid. The yellow tinted visor slides up into the body of the helmet when not in use, a nice piece of engineering for such a light item. Now, about that customised paint job….


Pegoretti final build

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It’s been finished for a while, but we finally got a shot in after she had a bit of a clean. Frame and paint by Dario Pegoretti, hoops by Wheelworks.


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Dario Pegoretti

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The Gas office has recently taken delivery of a frame by Dario Pegoretti. More soon of the final build, but in the meantime we just keep staring at the wonderful welds and paint. And yes, we are that sad.




Putting the Gas in Gasolina

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Work commitments mean we don’t get to ride as much as we’d like, however that doesn’t seem to stop us investing in good riding gear. Two items which recently landed in the office (thanks UPS!) were a pair of Gasolina boots and a Bell Bullitt helmet. Bell have been around for ages, and while this lid is new, it has a great retro look. The boots are from a new company, designed in the States and made in Mexico. Tested extensively on a blast to the Burt Munro weekend in the South Island, they stood up to every kind of weather the deep south could throw at them, from high winds and intense sun to hail and torrential rain. All hail the new ‘old’.


Before & After

February 28th, 2014 § 1 comment § permalink

Its done! Well, almost. Gas No. 02 is back on the road after a diet and some minor surgery by Michael Dobson. All work on the ’70 v7  is reversible, so it can go back to a stock look in a day. I’m not sure its any faster than it was originally but it’s sure nicer in the corners.

BeforeAfterV7DSC_0161-final sm

Beats walking

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Put it in the big ring

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Voodoo Lounge

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Here is a recently completed shirt design for a group of keen Wellington road cyclists. Illustration by Stephen Templer, inspiration by the Rolling Stones.

The Gooch

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Early aluminum Guerciotti, captured at Lyall Bay.