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Gas are big Miyazaki fans. When we found this image we thought it was a European translation of one of his earlier films. It is, however, a French children’s story published soon after WWII. If you find a copy, well, you have my number….

Something see-through

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One of the most read books in the Gas library is the Eagle Annual of Cutaways. I can look at this stuff for hours. Before 3D modelling software, there was just a guy with a ruler and a Rotring pen. While the image below is not from Eagle magazine, I do think it’s a beaut.


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These letterpressed gift vouchers have just arrived for Nikau Cafe from the talented folks at Magpie Press in Auckland. ‘Lucky’ type by the equally gifted Sarah Maxey to match the coffee cups produced earlier this year. Available in 20s and 50s, a couple of these will keep you in coffee and Kedgeree for a while.


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No kitchen is complete without Rocket Fuel sauce, in fact in ours it’s replaced T-sauce altogether. Maybe its the taste, or the illustration by Geoffery Notman, but we can’t get enough. So we think a tanker of the good stuff might be in order.