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In July I climbed Mt Ventoux on a bike with a friend on a fixie. This is not a photo of that event.

T Time

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For the last 12 months I’ve been working with Al Brown and some talented illustrators on a series of t-shirt designs. Here’s a sample. Illustrations by Blair Sayer and Mike Yule. Printing by Brazen. Ideas courtesy of Central Otago pinot. Available from Al’s site, Hurricane or Miss Wong in Wellington.


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Found by Tristan.

Oil and Gas

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Another Al Brown production. Oil by Al and Village press.  Illustration by Kieran Rhynhart. Shot by another Kieran.

Heck of a run

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A cover recently completed for Random House. Bert Sutcliffe was a cricketing legend.


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From the archives

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Before Caffe L’affare went tribal, I worked with the founder Jeff on the identity and creation of the Enzo character. Illustrations by Bob Brockie, Donna Cross and Scott Kennedy.

Brown Bag

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Here’s a little something we’ve been working on with chef Al Brown. The ‘Shelter’ bag is made of pre-loved canvas from big tops, old Landrovers and awnings. Nell at Good Score did the pattern and sewing, Paul at Brazen worked how to print it. Ideal for tackle or laptops. Only available from Al’s site or Good Score. Note that the bags don’t come with a scooter.


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On the Road

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I’ve just finished these t-shirts for Ned over at Road to Redemption. A good keen man with an almost unnatural passion for rugby. Illustrations by Mike Yule, who had the perfect excuse for Googling ‘Escorts’ while researching these.