Tora Collective

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The Tora Collective sustainably catch wild kaimoana from the nutrient-rich waters of Tora, on the beautiful and rugged South Wairarapa Coast. They then pack fresh (again, sustainably) and ship to restaurants and homes, straight from the ocean.
We helped create a brand for this amazing company, having first met them on a photo assignment for an Al Brown cookbook. Salt water flows in their veins.


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Palm Springs. It’s like Alexandra, but with better architecture.


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Since moving to Central Otago (now two years and counting), we’ve found an environment of extraordinary beauty, rich histories and grounded people. It’s not everyone’s cup of milky tea – the weather can be brutal (we’re acclimatising), the supplies short (“that’ll take a couple o’ weeks to come in on the stage”) and the food expensive, but we wouldn’t want to be anywhere else (written as the country is in a level 4 Covid lockdown).

Part of the move here was try to work with the locals, which sometimes means working as a favour. In small communities like this, you really need to pitch in to get things done. So we were more than happy to help with a small identity for Heritage Central Otago.

Oh boy!

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Fishboy is / was the brainchild of Scott from FishSmith, a next-level F&C joint in Herne Bay we branded a few years ago. Fishboy shone brightly but recently sold, we’re not sure if the new owners will stay with the identity we put together. Our involvement included designing the identity, signage and website (built by HiHo).

Anyway, here’s the way it came together. Never got a chance to try their fish tacos either…

One track mind

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The New Zealand Railways Studios produced some of the most striking design and advertising in the country, from the early 1900s until the early 1980s. This book charts the history of the Studios, it’s staff and achievements, and at over 300 pages, contains A LOT of their amazing work. Published by Te Papa Press and a labour of love for all concerned (Mr Alsop, take a bow). We needed a nice cuppa (from a Railways cup, natch) when it went to print.