Our Precious

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It’s true, 3 out of 4 peninsulas prefer Miramar. For some time Gas has worked with Enterprise Miramar on a destination brand for the Peninsula. From logo creation to a printed guide and postcards, we’ve looked to put Miramar on the map, with a map. A big thanks to Stephen Templer for the illustration.

Who is Mister D?

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We’ve just finished work on the fitout and design for a new Napier cafe / restaurant called Mister D Dining. Food by the very talented David Griffiths, font of house by Prue Barton and Dan Tosswill. We got to finally use a Prouve chair in a restaurant too.

Make Something (new)

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As seen in this month’s copy of Urbis magazine. A portable office for designers, made with a Schwim and a heavy dose of Brooks. Big thanks to Wheelworks and Andrew Missen for the build help, Bevan at MakeSomething for the invitation and Phillip Simpson for the photo.

Season’s Greeting

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Make Something

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Gas were approached a couple of months ago to ‘make something’ for Make Something, an exhibition by a group of designers and a collaborative partner. Our chosen partner was Wheelworks, so the object of our intention was a bike. In this case, a bike that doubles as a mobile design office. Inspired by a bike show we saw in Tokyo last year and a mobile kitchen by a certain celebrity chef, The Lyall bike drips in Brooks, steel and wood by Andrew Missen and some nifty graffiti by the very talented Kairau. Check the next issue of Urbis for more detail.


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No kitchen is complete without Rocket Fuel sauce, in fact in ours it’s replaced T-sauce altogether. Maybe its the taste, or the illustration by Geoffery Notman, but we can’t get enough. So we think a tanker of the good stuff might be in order.

Hot Gossip

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David Hartnell tells all in his new autobiography by Penguin. We tried to bring some old Hollywood glamour to the traditional bio format.

Coulda been worse

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There are worse places to break down. Half way between Hyde and Palmerston in the Maniatoto. It all turned out well thanks to some swell guys in Oamaru.

22 February 2011

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