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Brett McGregor was New Zealand’s first Masterchef. This is his first book and we were chuffed to be invited by Random House to put it together. Photos by Aaron McLean and Brett’s own holiday pics.

Hot Gossip

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David Hartnell tells all in his new autobiography by Penguin. We tried to bring some old Hollywood glamour to the traditional bio format.

What’s been cooking?

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Three cooks, one Hollywood reporter and a lot of coffee later… some recently published work designed by Gas.

Better sorry than safe

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ACC are launching a new ‘be safe on scooters’ campaign, which involves putting on a long sleeve sweatshirt to combat the effects of being hit by a trolley bus or articulated truck. At Gas we’re all for protection, but thought we’d share a clip on how they roll in Italy. In this case on a 500cc v8 Gran Prix bike from the 1950s.

Honestly, we will be posting some new work soon.

Coulda been worse

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There are worse places to break down. Half way between Hyde and Palmerston in the Maniatoto. It all turned out well thanks to some swell guys in Oamaru.


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Gas have an office in Lyall Bay. Which is near Miramar. Which has a new cinema, Roxy. Which we were lucky enough to work on. But we’ve also been busy on identifying Miramar Peninsula as a destination for business, tourism and a nice flat white. We worked with Ocean Design and one of their designers, Matt Bluett on the execution. Kinda launched in last Saturday’s DomPost. Much, much more to come.

Putting the t in team

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Gas recently completed some chill down tees for Team Wheelworks. Because we could. Available from Wheelworks. Icecream sold separately.