High Wire

May 25th, 2020 § 0 comments § permalink

Lloyd Jones is an incredible writer. Euan Macleod is an astounding painter and artist. Designing a book where their talents are combined was a huge privilege and a little daunting. Trying not to come off as too much of a fan-boy whenever we met to discuss the project proved difficult, but the book itself fell into place very easily. Think of High Wire as a picture book for grown ups. It’s the first book in a series where artists and photographers are paired with writers and poets. We can’t wait to get stuck into the next one.

Knocking the bastard off

June 7th, 2019 § 0 comments § permalink

Ed Hillary’s exclamation after conquering Everest was in our minds when we sent Scenic Playground to print. Another team effort with Peter Alsop (surely one of the most prolific people in the New Zealand book industry), the book covers the history of the promotion of New Zealand’s mountains from a largely design angle, showcasing advertising, print and photography.

With over 400 pages and 650 images, it was quite the design journey. Winner of the 2019 Mountain Book Festival and with lovely reviews in various media, the bastard was worth the effort.


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A finalist in this years PANZ Book Awards, Annual 2 by Kate De Goldi and Susan Paris was built upon the design of the first Annual, designed by the brilliant Mr Spencer Levine. When you have a start like that, two authors with amazing vision and a black book with NZ’s best illustrators, our job gets that much easier. But if it was that easy, everyone would be doing it, I guess. Dive in.


Eat Up

October 9th, 2017 § 0 comments § permalink

‘Eat Up’ is something we all probably heard while growing up, normally followed by something like ‘or you won’t get pudding’. The fault normally fell at the feet of your mother’s over-cooked Brussel sprouts, or in my case it was mum’s boiled potatoes. Thankfully Al Brown’s new book (which we designed) Eat Up doesn’t include tips on how to ruin good vegetables, but quite the opposite. Humble vegetables and meat cuts are treated like Foie Gras — there are no lesser ingredients in this book. Recipes and writing by Al Brown and Hayden Scott, photos by Josh Griggs, cover by Geoffrey Notman, and a bonus bach and crib poster in the back by Lisa Moes. Eat it up.



Mauri Ora

March 6th, 2017 § 0 comments § permalink

We were wise enough to take on the design for this book called Mauri Ora, Wisdom from the Maori World by Peter Alsop and Te Rau Kupenga, published by Potton & Burton. Printed in two colours and featuring images from various collections, the book offers a unique perspective on the world of Maori. Available from any good bookstore, and here.

Whites Aviation

February 18th, 2017 § 0 comments § permalink

Another year, another big picture book from Peter Alsop. We designed, retouched and laid out this tome on the history of Whites Aviation, New Zealand’s pre-eminent aviation photographers, over a period of 6 months, and are pretty chuffed how it worked out. Available at most good bookshops (the ones that are left anyway, don’t get us started), or here.

Marcus King

April 18th, 2016 § 0 comments § permalink

Marcus King was an artist and pioneering New Zealand graphic designer. Together with author and collector Peter Alsop, Gas collaborated on the design of a book to commemorate this iconic figure. Available here, the book is a celebration of a widely viewed but little known New Zealander. Man, the guy could draw. And paint. And design.

Marcus King www 1.0

Depot Book

January 3rd, 2015 § 0 comments § permalink

Sometimes you just get lucky. We’ve been lucky to work with some great clients – business owners with drive, vision, talent and humor. But to that Al Brown adds generosity. Last year we worked together on a book celebrating the Auckland restaurant Depot, published by Random house. Al’s one of those clients who pushes you to do your absolute best and he’s built a great team around him who share his vision for hospitality in NZ. We’re stoked to have worked on the restaurant, t shirts and now a book for Depot. Our tip: if you eat there sit at the back bench watching the kitchen with a glass of Duncan’s pinot noir. Order the oysters and the lamb ribs. The Depot book is out now and is available from all good bookshops or here.



Mad Men

September 24th, 2013 § 0 comments § permalink

You’d have to be mad to publish a book these days. At least that’s what we were told when working on the follow up book to Selling the Dream. But as people who are mad about design,  author Peter Alsop and Gas Project decided to work together again on Promoting Prosperity – the history of New Zealand advertising art. It charts the development of New Zealand’s adverting art from the very early days up until the 1960s, when TV and photography took the place of artists, painters and signwriters. Set for release in October 2013, the book contains the work of a great many unsung heroes in the art and design field, as well as 11 essays from some of our best media commentators. At nearly 440 pages, 3kg and a retail price of $79.95, it should win the Best Bang for Buck Award at next year’s Book Awards – if such a category existed of course. To see more of the book and pre-order a copy to get a 10% discount, head to the books dedicated website here.



Get Fresh

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In 2012 Al brown published his 3rd solo book, Get Fresh. Based on the TV show of the same name, the book enabled Al to go deeper on each region and provider. With profiles on a number of talented growers and suppliers, the book also carries 3 recipes per region and also comes with a CD of music by up-and-coming New Zealand artists. Gas worked with Al from day one on the design and relished another opportunity to work with images from the talented Peter Young from Fisheye Films and Kieran Scott from, well, Kieran Scott. Get it while it’s fresh.

Get Fresh Gas