About Gas

gas project is that kid you got to illustrate your stories at primary school. He’s the kid who’d visit and turn your lego set into a functioning grandfather clock.

He branded and diversified your lemonade stand.

Gas helped struggling students while we were outside teasing children with spectacles.

He brought wine in bottles when the rest of us had casks. He dated the strange talking tech drawing student even though the Netball captain was interested.

He cooked his parents dinners. He preferred hand me downs.

He fixed his own bikes. Grew his own vegies. Did his own plumbing. Brewed his own Cider.

He was an independent thinker and things turned out just the way he wanted.

Now he designs futures for other people. Ramble on through the site and see how.

The Gas Project is a Lyall Bay-based design office with clients in publishing, wine, hospitality. And a lot of others. The office is shared with Wheelworks handbuilt bicycle wheels.