What’s in the box?

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The Gas Project office has a few magazine subscriptions, but when it arrives UK publication the Ride Journal makes one of the sweetest sounds when it hits the mailbox. Great design, superb illustration and snappy writing from a myriad of contributors mean this cycling magazine gets devoured almost instantly. It can be ordered from here.

I really need a haircut

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March 9th, 2011 § Leave a Comment

I don’t (smoke). But Kieran Scott (photographer) can shoot them nice. He has a new blog too. See it here.


22 February 2011

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Brown Paper Bag

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Here’s a project designed last year for Random House. The first idea (left) with the final cover on the right. A big thanks to Sorelle for helping with the last couple of design hurdles and a handy bit of Photoshop.

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